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This website was created as a supplementary learning resource designed to help answer the most commonly asked questions about composite materials.

Here you can learn about mould-making and casting techniques and materials in an environment which is inclusive, free, clear, simple and fun.

About Me

Most of my past experience is rooted in the visual effects and product development industries, where many of the methods and materials included in this resource are used every day.

I am familiar with a wide range of modern composite construction techniques and design. So, if you need help using; glue, paint, solvents, plastic, rubber, resin, foam, plaster, alginate, concrete, inflatables, vacuum forming, tooling or sculpting and more, I’m your man!

I am always pleased to discuss your ideas and help you plan and develop your work. I can offer advice to you about what is most suitable for your work and how to use it.

Many of the materials featured in this resource are available for purchase in the workshop. You will find most of the hand tools and machinery you will need to use these materials effectively in the workshop too.

If you need help, advice or would like to make a comment on the website- you are welcome to e-mail me at:

The aim of this resource is to improve the accessibility of knowledge, helping you to learn practical skills and empowering YOU to take control of your own development as an artist or designer.

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‘Hello, my name is Richard, I am the  Technician of the mould-making and casting workshop at Nottingham Trent University.

Welcome to Casting About’

All of the work featured on this website is real students work, made in the workshop at Nottingham Trent University


       Lightweight hollow fibre-glass shell


    Jesmonite/foam core skull with mind activated muscular expression capabilities

      National Art and Design Saturday Club 2012
Giant, lightweight foam/styrene hanging sculpture
 Thick leather soaked and formed over a life cast

Creation of this website was made possible by co-funding received from The Higher Education Academy and Nottingham Trent University